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Ciudades Flotantes - Los Mundos

Ciudades Flotantes - Los Mundos

Los Mundos slithers out of Monterrey, Mexico like a psychedelic serpent ready to draw blood. Undulating along riff-heavy guitar lines and fuzzed-out bass, Luis Angel Martinez and Alejandro Elizondo cut a path through psychedelia that pulls from sources as diverse as the Beach Boys, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and horror legend H.P. Lovecraft, creator of the Great Old Ones—a race of gods intent on reclaiming Earth.

Los Mundos is the vanguard for those Old Ones, bringing a lost sense of longing and doom back to the hallowed halls of psychedelic rock. Layering driving guitar solos over hypnotic rhythms, the tracks on Ciudades Flotantes (“floating cities” in English) evoke a hard-edged landscape that cuts across those things that could be used to divide us. From the opening power of “Insecto Nuclear” (“nuclear insect”), to the barely dormant energy of the tripped out “Los Mundos” (“the worlds”) the band is named after, to the mesmerizing melody of instrumental stand-out “Bonneville,” Ciudades Flotantes reminds us that there is more to reality that what we can see.

Over the last six years, Los Mundos has let the untapped power of the Old Ones welder, taking them from their first live EP for Argentinian label Fuego Amigo Discos, to a spot at Levitation in Austin, Texas in 2015. In 2016, Los Mundos released the Lovecraft-inspired concept album Las Montañas (“the mountains”) and found their groove, rooted in 1970s era riff-rock from the Great Old Ones like Hawkwind.

Ciudades Flotantes, the duo’s fourth full-length album, is the culmination of that journey: A tight collection of 10 tracks that reminds us what the world was like when guitar gods ruled with power equal to governments, uniting the worlds under the banner of rock. Take a trip with Los Mundos through Ciudades Flotantes to a strange, hypnotic world that is slowly reawakening.

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